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Who is Pressley? Pressley represents the culmination of a life enriched by valuable lessons acquired through a diverse range of experiences: moments of profound impact, elation, adversity, education, and, most significantly, deep comprehension. 


My journey began in Evanston, IL, though we often just say Chicago. I fell into the common stereotype that many from my background did. As a child of a young single parent, I found myself caught up in gangs, selling drugs, and surrounded by violence. Before my sixteenth birthday, I was expelled from school and became a ward of the local juvenile detention center. Looking back, it was quite an eventful and tumultuous almost sixteen years of life, though my mother would certainly have more to say.

Fortunately, a negotiation with the judge led to my release with the condition of relocating from the area. This brought me to the dirty south, specifically the county of Cobb and the city of Marietta. Oh, if only I had recognized the opportunity to start anew. Instead, I found myself becoming a regular guest at the county jail, and by the time I turned eighteen, I was facing a forty-five-year prison sentence due to an altercation resulting in an aggravated assault charge. Like many in my situation, I turned to God and pleaded for another chance—not so much for myself, but to spare my mother from further devastation. Miraculously, I was granted that second chance, which allowed me to fulfill my promises and so much more.

Today, I proudly wear multiple hats as a father, realtor, author, podcast personality, and now speaker. It took me forty-five years to discover my passion, something that ignites a fire within me and compels me to constantly strive for personal growth. Although my initial drive stemmed from my deep concern for the well-being of my mother and child, as well as everything dear to me, my passion now lies in helping those who have given up on themselves, those who have lost sight of the unique gifts that God bestowed upon them even before the hard times.

Remember, there is only one deadline on your dreams, and that is when your divine calling leads you home. Until then, refuse to let anything or anyone hinder your progress, especially yourself!

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"Success is getting up one more time than you've been knocked down, with the same conviction you had before your ass hit the ground."
Quote from: A Self Made Life